Independent Traditional Karate Organization - A family

Sensei Brian Evans, 8th dan and sensei Malcolm Phipps, 8th dan.

Sensei Evans after teaching at the Rockford Karate Club in Rockford, IL

Sensei Evans and son Brandon, training with sensei Tom Fruitticher and son in Florida.

Sensei Dan Hunt, 6th dan, has now joined the ITKO. We welcome his JSKA of Rochester, MI group to the Independent Traditional Karate Organization

Sensei Evans and ITKO karateka visiting the dojo of Aracadio Sanchez in Rockford IL, with sensei Jack Herren.

Sensei Fred Serricchio, 8th dan teaching at the ITKO seminar

Senseis Malcolm Phipps, Tony Bunting, Dave Hazard, and Aidan Trimble at the presentation of 7th dan to sensei Bunting

Line up of senior karateka from different oragnizations at a seminar at the ITKO dojo.


The Independent Traditional Karate Organization was founded to provide the opportunity for karate practitioners to network and train in a non-political environment while maintaining individual schools autonomy, promoting the ideals of the dojo kun, and furthering the growth of Shotokan Karate.

There are no yearly dojo fees, member fees, renewals, or mandatory paid seminars to be a member of the ITKO.

It is the intent of the organization to allow a universal common growth for Shotokan karate practitioners to exchange knowledge and provide information and training opportunities.